287 Shells Church Road

Grantville, PA  17028


Liturgy of Holy Eucharist 

Sunday 9am

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What is worship like?

You can expect a traditional Lutheran service. What does this mean?  Lutheran liturgies are liturgical, meaning they follow a set ritual centered around the sharing of the Word and Holy Eucharist. You'll hear readings from the Old and New Testaments as well as a homily/sermon from the pastor. Attendees participate in prayer and song. We utilize hymnals and organ music with other musical guests throughout the year. Make sure you pick up a bulletin when you arrive, it will guide you through the liturgy.




What about my kids?

We love having children in worship! God put the wiggle in them so the last place we should suppress it is in God’s house. Remember, Jesus said, “Let the children come.” We do have a staffed nursery room available if a child becomes inconsolable, but don’t worry about fidgeting and whispering. If your child would like to attend Sunday School, it takes place during the first 3/4 of worship from September through May.















Holy Eucharist?

The sacrament of Holy Eucharist/Communion is a part of every Sunday worship service. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Jesus' Body and Blood under the forms of bread and wine. If you are not comfortable or able to partake, you are welcome to come forward for a blessing. Some people choose to stay in their pew if they do not want to receive the elements and that is okay, too.




Where do I park?

Feel free to park in either the side lot on Shells Church Road or in the large lot behind the Church building. Handicapped parking is available at the Main Entrance near the red doors. Please enter through the red doors. 







Sounds pretty formal...

Some elements of the service are formal.  The pastor wears a chasuble.  The altar is decorated with paraments that reflect the colors of the church season.  Those that are able sit and stand at various points of the service.  However, that doesn’t mean we are stuffy or that you are expected to dress formally to attend. We want everyone to be comfortable. Come as you are!