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Sacraments and Rites

HOLY BAPTISM - the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is open to persons of any age. In the case of children, their parents and godparents make the promises to build up their faith in the Triune God through participation the Church. For adults, it is customary to engage in a time of "seeking." Members of the congregation as well as the Pastor work with the candidate to integrate them into the Christian life as they prepare for Baptism. 

HOLY EUCHARIST - the Sacrament of Holy Communion is open to any baptized Christian and, through Jesus' physical presence in the elements, conveys God's grace to his people. First Holy Communion Classes are available upon request.

RITE OF CONFIRMATION - the Rite of Confirmation is open to any baptized Christian who has been instructed in the Christian life, Lutheran theology, and desires full membership within Christ's Church. Typically, the preparation for Confirmation is administered to students in middle school. However, in the case of a special circumstance where there is an adult who has been baptized but not Confirmed, accommodations will be made so that the instruction can occur outside of the traditional class format. 


HOLY MATRIMONY - the Rite of Holy Matrimony is celebrated for any Baptized and Confirmed Member of the congregation. Ten months advanced notice is required for the submission of a request to the Pastor to perform a marriage ceremony as well as six months of Pre-Cana or premarital classes. If you were married in a Civil Ceremony and desire the Nuptial Blessing of the Church, please contact the Pastor. 


ORDAINED MINISTRY - in the Lutheran tradition, there are two rosters of ordained ministers - Word and Service/Deacons and Word and Sacrament/Pastors. Should any individual who is a Baptized and Confirmed Member of the congregation feel called to an Office of Ordained Ministry, please contact the Pastor. 

CONFESSION - private Confession is available by request. Please contact the Pastor to set up a time. Throughout the year there are times of Corporate Confession and Forgiveness offered.

ANOINTING OF THE SICK - when someone falls ill it is appropriate to call the Pastor to celebrate a time of prayer, laying on of hands, and anointing for healing. At the time of death it is customary to invite the Pastor into that space to celebrate the reception of Holy Communion, Holy Anointing, and Commendation to God. 

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